FESCo Elections open on July 15th

Hi all,

Elections for the Fedora Engineering Steering Committee (FESCo) open at
0001 UTC on 15 July 2008 — or about 1 hour from the time of this
message. The voting system is available at:

The voting system uses the range voting method:

=EF=BB=BFAny Fedora Account System (FAS) account holder who has completed t=
CLA, and has an addition account (like ambassadors, art, cvs*,
fedorabugs, l10n-commits, web, etc.) in the FAS is eligible to vote.
Voting is open until Monday, July 21st, 2008 23:59 UTC. Election
results will be announced shortly afterward.

The nominees for the nine open seats, in alphabetical order, are:=20
1. Josh Boyer=20
2. Steve Dickson=20
3. Kevin Fenzi=20
4. Dennis Gilmore=20
5. Karsten Hopp=20
6. Christian Iseli=20
7. Jon Masters=20
8. Bill Nottingham=20
9. Brian Pepple=20
10. Jon Stanley=20
11. Jarod Wilson=20
12. David Woodhouse

The nominees have also placed some summary information about their
background and goals on the wiki nominations page:


These summaries are also available from the “Info” link next to each
candidate’s name in the voting system.

If you have any problems with voting, report them immediately in the=20
ticket system, at: https://admin.fedoraproject.org/tickets=20
Use the “elections” category when you file your ticket so that it is
directed quickly to the appropriate parties.

Brian Pepple

gpg –keyserver pgp.mit.edu –recv-keys 810CC15E
BD5E 6F9E 8688 E668 8F5B CBDE 326A E936 810C C15E


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